Operating with the highest ethical standards, Southern California Cannabis Council takes very seriously our position and the needs of our members. Where a lot of associations state they operate with conviction, we make a point to show our convictions and make certain our commitment is obvious to our members and the industry as a whole.

The council has a strong reputation for being honest, transparent, and inclusive. We don't believe in playing favorites to any one part of the industry, but serve to be inclusive of all those involved in or directly affected by the cannabis industry. Our purpose is to serve you to the best of our ability, and being upfront from the beginning is key. Ethics is always at the heart of what we do!


SCCC provides tools, resources, best practices and advocacy to the cannabis industry.  Our key objectives are to establish industry standards around 6 pillars, which are money and banking, education and training, legislation and advocacy, business best practices and support, cannatourism and economic development


Be a leader in the emerging cannabis industry throughout Southern California


We believe that associations have the power to transform industry for the better. Our promise is to help industry professionals achieve the highest level of performance while bringing legitimacy to the cannabis industry. In essence, our members are the foundation of the organization and the overall industry goals

Six Pillars of Focus

The Money and Banking Committee is focused in working alongside members and partner organizations to advocate, create and promote cannabis banking laws, develop financial  solutions and set industry monetary standards

Educaton and Training.jpg

The Education and Training Committee is focused on bringing standardized cannabis education methods and provides industry training opportunities for members and the industry

Legislation & Advocacy.jpg

The Legislation and Advocacy Committee is focused on working alongside members and partner organizations to advocate for fair marijuana law practice and forward the legislative needs of the industry and its members

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The Business Best Practices and Support Committee is focused on working alongside members and partner organizations to develop ethical standards, encourage fair competitive practices, reduce costs and promote efficiency, improve workforce skills and employee effectiveness, establish continual quality improvement and increase industry profitability


The Cannatourism Committee is focused on promoting cannatourism and educating travelers and hosts to the laws and restrictions throughout California


The Economic Development Committee is focused on creating a strong economy within the cannabis industry as well as throughout Southern California